Special thanks for a fantastic journey

Ok, we’re back at home. Just two or three days for some rest, then we’ll come back working on our new stuff. Anyway, there is some considerations we have to do.
First of all, we were disappointed with The Color Morale and We Came As Romans, but we don’t want to say anything about their decision of not coming to these wonderful shows . We did our job, we played hard and we gave everything we have. And we enjoyed very much.
But we couldn’t do anything without some special person who helped us in our travel. Thanks to Vladimir Baranov and Play It Loud Booking [RUSSIA] which made it possible, thanks to Giovanni Belcastro and Rocket to Russia for support and patience.
Very special thanks to Alexey Makhov (Alexey Makhov Photography), Ania Rude (Ania Rude: Photographer), Mariangela Raponi (Mariangela Raponi photographer) and Игорь Хапков, who asked to take some photo for us, and they gave us the best shoots we ever had.
Thanks to three bands we just discover and we which will follow for ever, due to their potential, their passion, their good music: Burial For Alive, Broken Promise and Price My Pride
Thanks to Alejandro Rodriguez from Mod Club (St. Petersburg) and the sound engineering staff at Plan B (Moscow), for having followed us with stage plan and soundmaking.
And then, we have to say thank to all of you, who came to our show, who were screaming for us and enjoying like no one else can do. Because we played only for you.
With love, from TMIFS to Russia.

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